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Cyclo-tourism :Let’s Discover Cameroon

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Yaounde-Ngomedzap is the distance that cycling lovers will cover this Saturday during the first edition of cyclo-tourism race. Born thanks to a partnership between the Cameroon Cycling Federation and the French Embassy, the cyclo-tourism race is aimed at making Cameroonians discover the inner tourism sites of their country through cycling. In a press conference over the weekend, the President of the Cameroon Cycling Federation and French Ambassador, Christophe Guilhou gave details of the race.

Cameroonian cyclists Clovis Kamzong Abossolo and Arthuce Tella have confirmed their participation. Apart from cycling, the race will also have a social facet as close 300 pupils of Government School Nkoabe and Ngomedzap will receive didactic materials and will also be schooled on how to take care of their environment. Registration for the race is currently ongoing in the Cameroon Cycling Federation.

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